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Kebaonish Inc. is a beacon of collaboration and reconciliation, co-founded by a diverse team that bridges Indigenous and non-Indigenous worlds.

At the helm are Indigenous co-founders Dr. Shyra Barberstock and Dr. Ryan 'Rye' Barberstock, alongside non-Indigenous co-founders Barry Hillier, John Snell, and Michael Carrick. This unique blend of perspectives underpins Kebaonish's mission, embodying a commitment to economic reconciliation and mutual respect.

Dr. Shyra Barberstock leads Kebaonish with Anishinaabe wisdom, driven by ethical, community-first principles.

Dr. Shyra Barberstock, an accomplished Anishinaabekwe from Kebaowek First Nation, channels her zeal for Indigenous-led sustainable practices into Kebaonish's operations. With a Ph.D. in human geography specializing in Indigenous entrepreneurship and business development, she seamlessly weaves Anishinaabe's teachings and principles into the company's philosophy. Her leadership enhances Kebaonish's cultural integrity and carves a trail for ethical, community-centric business strategies that pay homage to Indigenous-led businesses and contribute to meaningful economic advancement.

Dr. Rye Barberstock provides Haudenosaunee and Nishnaabeg values, such as respect and shared prosperity.

Dr. Ryan 'Rye' Barberstock, grounded in Haudenosaunee and Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg traditions, enhances Kebaonish Inc. with his deep understanding from both his academic research in human geography, concentrating on lower Great Lakes wampum treaties and his rich cultural heritage. Rye's critical leadership ensures Kebaonish honours and revitalizes the environment, reflecting the Dish with One Spoon Wampum Belt treaty values. Rye helped shape Kebaonish's culture by integrating Indigenous values and environmental stewardship, promoting a global ethos of respect, sustainability and shared prosperity through his leadership.

Barry Hillier weaves entrepreneurship and branding with a vision of diversity and economic reconciliation.

Barry Hillier has been critical in positioning Kebaonish as a formidable contender in the food and beverage market, leveraging his profound expertise in entrepreneurship, branding, and marketing. His ability to merge Western business insights with innovative approaches aligns perfectly with Kebaonish's sustainability and cultural respect ethos. Barry's efforts toward economic reconciliation are evident as he secures equitable opportunities for Kebaonish, enhancing the company's market presence. His strategic initiatives not only boost Indigenous visibility in commerce but also weave Indigenous principles into the fabric of the corporate sector, fostering a diverse and equitable business ecosystem.

John Snell blends tea sustainably with experience and a spirit of mutual respect.

With over 30 years of distinguished expertise in the tea and coffee sectors, John Snell stands as a highly sought-after tea blender at Kebaonish Inc., renowned for his commitment to excellence and sustainability. His unique approach to crafting tea blends draws inspiration from the Seven Grandfather teachings, infusing each creation with values of wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, and truth. John's extensive experience enriches every blend, ensuring they captivate the senses and embody principles of mutual respect, coexistence, and environmental stewardship. His dedication extends to fostering equitable opportunities for Indigenous Peoples within the food and beverage industry, genuinely reflecting a holistic commitment to community and sustainability.

Michael Carrick's digital expertise shapes Kebaonish as a beacon of unity and innovation.

Michael Carrick has been pivotal in defining Kebaonish Inc.'s identity, masterfully harnessing his proficiency in the tech and digital realms to establish a distinctive digital and branding footprint for the company. His innovative use of technology amplifies Kebaonish's core messages of unity and collaboration and ensures the brand remains at the forefront of digital engagement. As a devoted non-Indigenous ally, Michael's work to elevate Indigenous voices and perspectives is a cornerstone of Kebaonish's mission, highlighting his commitment to fostering an inclusive corporate culture. His crucial role in deploying digital and technological solutions has positioned Kebaonish as a model of support and inclusivity, creating a brand that authentically embodies the company's dedication to Indigenous values and collective progress.

Through Kebaonish, they are committed to fostering an environment where cultural exchange and understanding pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive economy. Their collective efforts highlight the importance of building bridges between different worlds, demonstrating that economic success and respect for Indigenous rights and wisdom can, and should, go hand in hand.

This model, championed by its Indigenous co-founders, holds immense promise for widespread adoption due to its inherent logic and effectiveness. They describe it as "just making perfect sense," underscoring how its principles of sustainability, respect for Indigenous cultures, and economic reconciliation naturally align with the goals of creating a more inclusive and equitable business landscape. This approach addresses current needs and paves the way for future generations, making it an exemplary blueprint for others to follow.

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