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Caffeine Content


Medium caffeine in tea refers to a balanced caffeine content that can provide a moderate energy boost without causing jitters, offering a perfect middle ground between high-caffeine teas and caffeine-free options.

Tasting Notes

Smooth, full bodied with notes of caramel and lightly roasted nuts. Not an ounce of backpeddling to be found!

The focus-enhancing effect of our Bravery Tea comes from a carefully chosen combination of ingredients. Assam tea, Keemun, and Rwandan black tea create a robust and full-bodied flavour that invigorates the senses and fosters mental clarity.

Health Benefit


Assam Tea, Keemun, and Rwandan Black Tea are known for their robust flavours and moderate to high caffeine content, which can enhance alertness and improve focus, making them ideal choices for concentration and mental clarity.


Assam Tea, Keemun, Rwandan Black Tea


Bravery / Aakdehewin

The Seven Grandfather Teachings are timeless principles that guide the Anishinaabe on how to live a good life.

Bravery, a cornerstone of these teachings, embodies the courage to confront challenges and adversities with strength, resilience, and an unwavering spirit. It inspires individuals to overcome fear and hesitation, encouraging them to pursue justice, truth, and integrity.

To be brave is to acknowledge vulnerability and imperfection yet press forward with resilience. It is to recognize the importance of facing fears and insecurities, allowing them to transform into sources of empowerment and strength. This principle encourages individuals to honour their worth and potential, cultivating self-assuredness that uplifts themselves and their communities.


Artisanal Fusion Black Tea

Introducing our Bravey (Aakdehewin) Tea, a masterful blend crafted to capture the essence of diverse tea traditions worldwide. This exquisite blend features a harmonious combination of Assam tea, Keemun, and Rwandan black tea, each contributing unique characteristics to create a truly exceptional cup.

Assam tea, renowned for its bold and brisk flavour, forms the robust base of this blend. Grown in the fertile plains of India, Assam tea imparts a full-bodied richness and a malty undertone that provides a strong foundation for the fusion.

Keemun, a celebrated Chinese black tea, adds a touch of complexity with its slightly smoky and floral notes. Its elegant aroma and distinctive character infuse the blend with a layer of refinement, contributing to a multi-dimensional tasting experience.

Rwandan black tea brings a bright and lively dimension to the fusion. Grown in the highlands of Africa, it offers a brisk and vibrant profile, complementing the depth of the other teas and adding a hint of astringency that balances the flavours.

These three exceptional teas form a symphony of flavours that dance across the palate. The fusion is a testament to the artistry of blending, as it seamlessly melds the best of each tea's characteristics into a harmonious composition that satisfies the senses.


Melissa Brant

Melissa Brant stands tall and proud as an Indigenous woman, holding multifaceted roles: a mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend. Beyond these intimate roles, Melissa's identity blossoms vibrantly as a multidisciplinary artist specializing in face and body painting.

To Melissa, art is not just a medium of expression; it's a beacon, illuminating the richness of culture. It plays a pivotal role in weaving together generations, offering a platform to share knowledge, inspire the youth, and connect with the wisdom of elders. It becomes a silent yet powerful communicator, voicing sentiments when words fall short. She celebrates healing, understanding, acceptance, purpose, and illumination through her art.

Every brushstroke echoes her gratitude to those who paved the path before her, those walking beside her, and those who will trail-blaze in the future. Melissa's exceptional talent emerges most brilliantly when she merges illusion with body art, ushering her work into a realm of innovation and vision.

Over the past decade, her artistry has traversed a broad spectrum - from abstract creations and lifelike portraits to expansive murals and enchanting masquerades. Whether working on canvas, glass, or human skin, Melissa's touch metamorphoses the ordinary into extraordinary.