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Medium-Dark Roast

Immerse yourself in the delightful flavours of our medium-dark roasted coffee, carefully blended with premium beans from Central and South America. Each sip reveals hints of chocolate and berries, reminding us of the sweetness that sharing brings to our lives and relationships. Just as the Dish with One Spoon symbolizes the importance of sharing resources sustainably, our thoughtfully chosen ingredients blend harmoniously to create a coffee that represents unity and generosity.

Let's raise our cups to a world where sharing fosters unity, happiness, and the beautiful art of togetherness.

How to Portion the Perfect Cup of Kebaonish Coffee

Quick Reference Ratios:

1 Cup of Kebaonish Coffee: 15 grams of coffee to 240 ml of water
2 Cups of Kebaonish Coffee: 30 grams of coffee to 480 ml of water
4 Cups of Kebaonish Coffee: 60 grams of coffee to 960 ml of water


Dish with One Spoon Wampum Belt

The Dish with One Spoon Wampum Belt stands as a testament to Indigenous wisdom. It embodies the harmony between humans and the natural world, guided by the principles of responsibility and sustainability. Handcrafted with meticulous care, this wampum belt incorporates purple, black, and white shell beads, all sourced from the eastern Atlantic shoreline, intricately woven using materials from the land. At its core, this symbolic design pays homage to Mother Earth's nourishment, with the white beads within the purple beaded dish resembling the beaver tail, a once vital component of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe diet. This representation underscores the beaver's role as an ambassador and decision-maker, reflecting the spirit of the spoon. 

The spoon also reminds us that within the broader dish, every being shares a collective duty to preserve and nurture the spirit of sustainability across generations. The purple dish symbolizes the heart of Mother Earth, reflecting the abundance of life and the interconnected food systems that sustain us. The white backdrop encapsulates the life systems of Mother Earth, with each bead serving as an ambassador of water, land, humans, and non-human beings. Together, they fortify the sacred pact to safeguard and preserve the integrity of Mother Earth by acting as conscientious stewards, conservators, and upholders of our sacred commitment to sustainability.


Melissa Brant

Flow. Movement. Freedom. Overlapping. Allowing. Sharing. Peaceful. The colours on this piece work together in harmony.  Colourful energetic beings that are taking up space on this land, caring for this land, using resources from this land, regrowing on this land, working on this land, playing on this land, eating and drinking from this land, healing from this land, loving on this land.

The white tells a story of no separation—because we are all energy, connected at the core of our being. Everything and everyone flows together. A Dish With One Spoon. All people working and living together while taking up their own space and uniquely living their own lives. Sharing with each other in support of love, peace and oneness.