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Celebrate Culture

At Kebaonish, we take pride in being an Indigenous-led coffee and tea company that highlights the spirit of sharing in Indigenous cultures and communities worldwide. We promote generations of well-being by embracing traditional knowledge systems, wisdom, and worldview(s) inspired by the Anishinaabe concept of Mino-Bimaadiziwin ("living the good life") and the Haudenosaunee principle of Ka'nikonhrí:yo ("the good mind"). We believe that by incorporating these teachings of a good mind and a good heart, we can bring people closer to harmony in the world, and it all starts with a cup of coffee or tea.


Discover the Kebaonish Coffee Bundle: A Tribute to Timeless Values

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Kebaonish with our meticulously crafted Coffee Bundle. Each blend in our collection is inspired by the sacred treaties of the Friendship, Covenant Chain, Dish with One Spoon, and Two Row Wampum belts, embodying the profound values of unity, respect, cooperation, and peace.

Crafted with immense pride, each blend is a tribute to our cultural heritage, hand-roasted to perfection, ensuring a fresh and flavourful experience with every cup. By customizing your bundle, you can mix and match these signature blends, creating a bespoke coffee experience unique to your tastes.

Why choose the Kebaonish Coffee Bundle?

This bundle makes a perfect gift for those who appreciate quality coffee and the rich cultural significance each blend represents.

Indulge in the Kebaonish Coffee Bundle and let each cup be a journey into the heart of our heritage, celebrating unity, respect, cooperation, and peace.


Melissa Brant

Melissa Brant stands tall and proud as an Indigenous woman, holding multifaceted roles: a mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend. Beyond these intimate roles, Melissa's identity blossoms vibrantly as a multidisciplinary artist specializing in face and body painting.

To Melissa, art is not just a medium of expression; it's a beacon, illuminating the richness of culture. It plays a pivotal role in weaving together generations, offering a platform to share knowledge, inspire the youth, and connect with the wisdom of elders. It becomes a silent yet powerful communicator, voicing sentiments when words fall short. She celebrates healing, understanding, acceptance, purpose, and illumination through her art.

Every brushstroke echoes her gratitude to those who paved the path before her, those walking beside her, and those who will trail-blaze in the future. Melissa's exceptional talent emerges most brilliantly when she merges illusion with body art, ushering her work into a realm of innovation and vision.

Over the past decade, her artistry has traversed a broad spectrum - from abstract creations and lifelike portraits to expansive murals and enchanting masquerades. Whether working on canvas, glass, or human skin, Melissa's touch metamorphoses the ordinary into extraordinary.