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Blonde/Medium Roast

Our Friendship Coffee is roasted to a Dirty Blonde (Blonde/Medium Roast). This roast strikes a perfect balance, offering bold flavours while maintaining a smooth and comforting taste.

Bold and invigorating yet soothingly smooth, our Friendship Coffee brings captivating flavours to your palate. The combination of Columbia, Peru, and Guatemala beans creates a symphony of taste that lingers with a gentle sweetness, echoing the lasting warmth of cherished friendships.

How to Portion the Perfect Cup of Kebaonish Coffee

Quick Reference Ratios:

1 Cup of Kebaonish Coffee: 15 grams of coffee to 240 ml of water
2 Cups of Kebaonish Coffee: 30 grams of coffee to 480 ml of water
4 Cups of Kebaonish Coffee: 60 grams of coffee to 960 ml of water


Friendship Wampum Belt

The Friendship Wampum Belt comprises two squares, one on each end, signifying the Council fires of distinct Nations. It symbolizes one of the earliest treaty relationships, born from the friendship between the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Peoples. The solid purple line of wampum beads within the belt embodies the essence of this relationship, emphasizing interconnectedness, shared unity, and the mutual responsibility to care for one another, transcending nationality and affiliation. 

This wampum belt exemplifies the commitment of both people and place to coexist harmoniously and uphold the laws of nature. It underscores the humility and awareness inherent in our roles and responsibilities as good neighbours and stewards of the land, water, and natural resources. Rooted in a friendship spanning millennia, the Friendship Wampum conveys a powerful message of collective well-being.

Beyond being a mere symbol, the Friendship Wampum serves as an ambassador of lasting peace and a reflection of the tranquillity found in nature. It encapsulates a way of life and knowledge intended for all.


Melissa Brant

Melissa Brant stands tall and proud as an Indigenous woman, holding multifaceted roles: a mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend. Beyond these intimate roles, Melissa's identity blossoms vibrantly as a multidisciplinary artist specializing in face and body painting.

To Melissa, art is not just a medium of expression; it's a beacon, illuminating the richness of culture. It plays a pivotal role in weaving together generations, offering a platform to share knowledge, inspire the youth, and connect with the wisdom of elders. It becomes a silent yet powerful communicator, voicing sentiments when words fall short. She celebrates healing, understanding, acceptance, purpose, and illumination through her art. Every brushstroke echoes her gratitude to those who paved the path before her, those walking beside her, and those who will trail-blaze in the future.

Melissa's exceptional talent emerges most brilliantly when she merges illusion with body art, ushering her work into a realm of innovation and vision. Over the past decade, her artistry has traversed a broad spectrum - from abstract creations and lifelike portraits to expansive murals and enchanting masquerades. Whether working on canvas, glass, or human skin, Melissa's touch metamorphoses the ordinary into extraordinary.