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Medium Roast

Immerse yourself in the even-keeled and balanced flavours of our medium-roasted coffee. With carefully selected beans sourced from the fertile mountains and valleys of Central and South America, each sip will take you on a captivating taste adventure.

Join us in celebrating the profound message of Respect with every cup of coffee. Let each sip serve as a reminder of the significance of embracing diversity, nurturing unity, and forging connections that transcend borders.

How to Portion the Perfect Cup of Kebaonish Coffee

Quick Reference Ratios:

1 Cup of Kebaonish Coffee: 15 grams of coffee to 240 ml of water
2 Cups of Kebaonish Coffee: 30 grams of coffee to 480 ml of water
4 Cups of Kebaonish Coffee: 60 grams of coffee to 960 ml of water


Covenant Chain Wampum belt

The Covenant Chain Wampum belt is a poignant embodiment of relationships, signifying the enduring commitment between two distinct peoples—the First Nations of the Great Lakes and the European settlers. This belt reflects the profound understanding that a continuous bond of unity is essential to prioritize the preservation of their intertwined friendships and alliances, thus safeguarding the shared interests of both people and place. 

Historically, the Covenant Chain Wampum belt played a significant role in forging early alliances with the British in 1761 and greatly influenced the issuance of the Royal Proclamation in 1763 by King George III. This pivotal Wampum Belt acknowledged the sovereignty of First Nations in North America and the recognition of European interests. 

The roots of this belt extend back through generations, symbolizing the union of nations with a shared ideal. The significance of this grand democracy resurfaced during times of both peace and war, further cementing the renewed alliance between the Crown and the Indigenous Peoples of the Great Lakes, not only at home but also on foreign soil.


Melissa Brant

A layering of colours is the base of this piece. The colours represent layers of conversations, relationships, agreements, disagreements, inspiration, truths, hard work, willingness, and care.

The colours are bright, bold, and strong and represent unique communities. Black represents the people, their presence, the space they take up, the connections, the prominence, the importance. White represents the energy that consistently flows through all of us—passing through, on, over, and under as we interact and engage with each other—a reminder that we are all one. It is a reminder to keep the chain polished as we all work, live, and play together.