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We at Kebaonish Inc. are thrilled to share exciting news with our community! We've embarked on our first co-branding journey, partnering with the renowned Donini Chocolate to bring you an exclusive line of milk and dark chocolate bars. This collaboration isn't just about tantalizing your taste buds;
it celebrates
heritage, art, and unity.

We blend old European recipe and traditions to produce the finest milk, dark, and white chocolate.

A Blend of Art and Flavour:

Our new chocolate line is more than just a treat for the palate; it's
also a feast for the eyes
. The packaging of each bar is adorned with the stunning artwork of Cree artist Jaylene Cardinal. Cardinal's vibrant and evocative designs don't just wrap the chocolate; they tell a story.

Packaging designed by Cree Artist Jaylene Cardinal.

Her artwork also graces the Kebaonish Unity Box, symbolizing the blend of cultures and the rich tapestry of Indigenous art.

Kebaonish Unity Box designed by Cree Artist Jaylene Cardinal

The Donini Legacy:

The story of Donini Chocolate is one of passion, tradition, and excellence. It all started over 80 years ago in the quaint city of Vigevano, Italy, with the visionary Nello Donini. Today, the legacy is carried forward in Belleville, Ontario, Canada, by Vigilio Donini, a third-generation Master Chocolatier. Under his watchful eye, Donini Chocolate continues to create confections that honour their rich Italian heritage while embracing modern flavours and techniques.

Kebaonish Unity Box: A Symbol of Collaboration:

These special chocolate bars highlight our Kebaonish Unity Box. This box isn't just a collection of delicious treats; it's a testament to our commitment to supporting Indigenous businesses and artists. Each purchase of a Unity Box is a step towards strengthening community ties and promoting reconciliation. It's our way of celebrating unity in diversity and the shared journey of Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Join Us in This Sweet Journey:

We invite you to participate in this unique collaboration. Indulge in the rich, luxurious flavours of our milk and dark chocolate bars and savour the art that envelops them. By purchasing the Kebaonish Unity Box, you're not just enjoying fine chocolate but supporting a movement that values heritage, art, and community.

Find your box of unity and deliciousness at

Proudly Indigenous Unity Box


At Kebaonish Inc., we believe in the power of partnerships and the beauty of bringing diverse cultures together. Our collaboration with Donini Chocolate is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing our unity, diversity, and deliciousness journey with you all. Thank you for being a part of our story.

Join the Conversation:

We'd love your thoughts on this collaboration. Share your experience with the Kebaonish Unity Box using our hashtags: #IndigenousBusiness, #GiftIdeas, #HolidayShopping, #CommunityBuilding, #Reconciliation, #UnityInDiversity, #FounderStories, #Kebaonish and #FounderJourney. Let's spread the word and build a community that celebrates and supports Indigenous art and entrepreneurship.

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