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At Kebaonish, we've been on an incredible journey—a story of collaboration, creativity, and heartfelt appreciation.

Their task was to design a social media campaign that genuinely captures the essence of Kebaonish and our Anishinaabe-inspired Seven Grandfather Teas. The result? It was a masterpiece of creativity that captured our brand's spirit and showcased these young creators' extraordinary talent and dedication.

An assortment of Ads from the students at Village Creative

Kebaonish is more than just a beverage company; it celebrates Indigenous heritage, a tribute to the interconnectedness of life, and a beacon of sustainability and ethical business practices. Our products, especially the Seven Grandfather Teas, are a homage to traditional Anishinaabe teachings, offering a cup of tea and an experience of wisdom, love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, and truth.

The collaboration with Liz Gray's team was a meeting of visions – theirs, a testament to the power of education and creativity in driving positive change; ours, a mission to foster connections and promote a life of harmony and balance. What stood out was their ability to understand Kebaonish's essence and their exceptional skill in translating it into a social media campaign that speaks to hearts across platforms like Google, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Their campaign didn't just market a product; it narrated our story, celebrated our values, and invited the world into the warm, embracing concept of Kebaonish – the feeling of returning home, to a community, to oneself. Through innovative visuals and compelling narratives, they captured the soul of our Seven Grandfather Teas, each blend inspired by a Grandfather Teaching, a set of principles embodying human kindness and the interconnectedness of all creation.

Liz Gray and her students have gifted us more than just a campaign; they've woven threads of understanding, respect, and shared vision into a tapestry of collective success. Their work reflects their academic excellence and a profound, intuitive grasp of what it means to create with purpose, integrity, and heart.

As we marvel at the creativity and passion poured into this campaign, we're reminded of the strength found in collaboration. It's a powerful affirmation of limitless possibilities when educational institutions, businesses, and communities come together. Liz Gray's team chose Kebaonish, and in their choice, they've showcased the potential of young creatives to effect real, meaningful change.

We deeply thank Liz, her students, and the Village Creative Faculty at Fanshawe College. As we move forward, inspired by your dedication and talent, we're reminded of the beauty of coming home – to a community of support, understanding, and shared dreams. Thank you for choosing Kebaonish and doing an excellent job. Here's to many more stories, sips of tea, and shared successes.

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